Resale Tips: Home Improvements That Pays Off

home improvement for resale

home improvement for resale

There are a lot of home improvements that you can possibly think and possibly do when it comes to increasing the resale value of your home. However, not all home improvements have that WOW factor that would make possible buyers sign papers and make you profit. Knowing which home improvements would make your potential buyers your buyers would help you decide which project to prioritize and how you can allocate your budget. This will save you some time in preparing your house for the market. Here are the home improvements that will surely give you at least 100% return on investment or ROI.


  1. Your Baths and Your Kitchen. A study in 2004 about home remodeling produced a result of at least 180% ROI on bathroom and kitchen remodels. Markets in San Diego, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington D.C. offers triple digit ROI. Even a minor investment on a kitchen remodel would also make you profit at least 100%. This figure shows that these two remodeling projects in your home would guarantee you at least the full amount of your remodeling cost. However, you cannot just add additional equipment or change colors in your kitchen and baths. You also have to know which remodeling will give you a sure profit. For a kitchen, you may want to opt for stone floors, all wood cabinets, stone countertops, and commercial looking appliances. For baths, you may opt for walk-in showers.


  1. General Appearance. The first thing that your buyers would see would be the looks of your house. People judge everything on face value the first time they see something. This is not only true when meeting new people, but also true when putting your house on the market for sale. Thus, there is a need to make your house look appealing from the inside out. Consider changing the color of the exterior of your house or adding a siding. You can also add gutters to the exterior of your home to make it look different than other houses. The downside of adding gutters is the amount of maintenance that it requires. This means that the new owners would also have to do the regular cleaning to keep it appealing and functional. Another thing that you can try is updating your windows and doors. Surely, no buyer would want to buy a house with creaky old windows and doors.


  1. Basement and Structure. Of course, the beauty and new appeal of your house should not stop from its exterior. It has to continue in the inside. The inside of your house should not show that it is poorly maintained. Remember that the buyers would want to look every corner of the house. This means that you also have to make sure your basement is in superb condition. Furthermore, you should also make sure that the overall structure of your house is in superb condition. No buyer would want a house that is at risk of crumbling at any minute. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. Would you want to spend so much on rebuilding the overall structure of your new house? Common sense would also tell you that renovating one aspect of your house without making sure your home structure is stable and sturdy is like throwing your money in the trash bin. Thus, you also have to do a check and balance whenever you plan to make some improvements in your house.