How To Give Your Yard A Professional Cut

It’s finally spring and your lawn looks like it needs an expert cut. But, you don’t have to call on the professionals to give your lawn a professional cut. You just have to have the right tools and know-how to have it done your day. Here’s how:

  • Gather Your Materials. Determine what tools you will be needing to complete the task at hand. Would you need hearing protection, pruning tools, spring rake, wheelbarrow, lawn edger, a leaf blower, or a broom? Knowing how much work you will need to get done will help you determine the right tools that you will need to give your yard a professional cut.
  • Trimming and Cleanup. The first thing you need to do is pick up dried and dead leaves that have fallen on your ground. You can use a spring rake to have this done or a leaf blower. If tree debris is also on the ground, you can have this removed by picking it up or sweeping it. Once this process is done, you can then proceed to trimming dead tree branches and shrubs. This will help minimize dead leaves from falling off. If you think that cutting dead tree branches would leave more dead leaves all over the ground, then you should do this first before you start cleaning and sweeping your yard.
  • Once you are with cleaning and trimming, you can then proceed to mulching your flower or garden bed. Mulching does not only lock in moisture that is beneficial to your plants, but will also help keep weeds at bay. Before doing this, make sure that you know how much square yards or meters needs to be covered. You can buy mulch in your local nursery or your local gardening company.
  • Edge along the pavement as you do edging. Edging your yard will give it a professional look. You can use an edger to have this done. The blade of the edger should be able to dig down about an inch. When you edge your yard, make sure that it is as close to the pavement. Make sure that you don’t only go over the area once. Repeating the process will be helpful in terms of giving your yard a cleaner edge. Once you are satisfied, you clean out the edge with the use of a leaf blower. When edging, make sure that you use ear and eye protection.
  • When you mow your yard, start outside. Mow the perimeter first before you start mowing the center of your yard. This should be done multiple times as this will be used when you are turning your mower around. Once this is done, you can start mowing towards the center of the yard. Do this in alternating rows and in alternating direction. Each rotation should be about 90 degrees. Once this process is done, you will eventually see a checkered board made off your yard. When doing this process, also make sure that you use a grass catcher to help lessen the cleanup after the mowing process.
  • Once all the processes are done, you will have to go through each place to make sure that nothing is missed. Use a leaf blower to make sure that everything is cleaned and no debris, grass, or leaves are left behind.

Giving your lawn a professional look will only take a few hours of your time. You just have to plan and have all the things that you need ready.