Helpful Summer Plumbing Tips


Helpful Summer Tips

1. Washing Machine. The more outdoor fun that you have, the more dirty your clothing will be. Check the washing machine that you have to see if there are leaks, bulges or cracks. Also, be sure that all dryer lint is removed on a regular basis. Washing machine hoses should always be replaced every three years. Move the washing machine about three to four inches away from your wall to help prevent damage and hose kinking. Also, you should never leave your home if the washer is running.

2. Ceiling. When there is humid weather, the ductwork could sweat from condensation. This is something that can lead to a back up if you do not have clear drains. Leaking in the seams can lead to condensation and if you have an attic installation, you need to make sure that there is no water in your drain pan. When there is water, you can call the professionals as soon as possible to save your ceiling.

3. Sink Disposal. Always be careful with what you are putting down your sink disposal after a cookout. Most disposals are not able to take on celery, banana peels, cornhusks or any other stringy or fibrous foods. Some of the other items that you should stay away from include cooking oils and fats, as they can form clogs in your piping. Run your cold water using full pressure for about 15 seconds prior to putting anything down the sink disposal so that you can flush it through. Never put in any instant stuffing, instant potatoes or mixes in your drain that say just add water as they will usually cause an instant clog. Eggshells, pasta and rice should also be avoided.

4. Water Heater and Refrigerator. A great tip for saving money as well as energy when you are on vacation is turning down the temperature on your water heater and then turning up the temperature on your refrigerator. You should make sure that you remove any perishable foods such as dairy and meat.

5. Regular Maintenance. The greatest defense for making sure your plumbing systems are running right will be to schedule regular maintenance inspections. You should also keep up on your systems just to be sure it is not too late and damage is already being done.