5 Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Resell Value


If you’re planning on moving and selling your house in the future, you’re probably already thinking of ways on how to make it more appealing to your potential sellers. However, you might not realize that you can make it appealing while increasing its resell value. The good news is that you don’t have to spend too much to get this done. Below are a few affordable home improvement ideas to inspire you.

  1. Decorative Molding – Molding do a great job of adding grandeur and drama to any space. Wood moldings have become one of the most affordable improvements you can give your home, giving it a finished and more expensive look. There are so many wood moldings available today that you can change up to your liking.
  2. Ceiling Fan – What was once a cheap and ugly solution to cool off, ceiling fans have now evolved to become one of the most important elements of many homes, especially now that energy costs are on the rise. Designs have caught up with the times as they are now widely available in different styles and designs to match any room.
  3. Outdoor Patio – Adding a patio to your home will effectively increase your space, while giving you a high recovery of your investment. Just make sure that you do not go overboard and fill your patio with high end furniture and amenities since it’s highly unlikely that you will get your money back on such an investment. Keep the space simple but functional.
  4. Energy-Efficient Upgrades – Homes that are energy-efficient have increased their value in recent years. Change up your bulbs with LED lights and convert your wood-burning fireplace into a gas one. Experts have said that gas fireplaces give off more useful heat than wood ones. In fact, a big chunk of today’s home buyers are looking for gas fireplaces.
  5. Creative Storage – Adding more storage to your home is a no-brainer. Today’s homes are growing smaller and smaller, making storage all the more essential. After all, you can never get too much storage. However, it takes some skill and knowledge to determine those places where you can add storage; get a pro to help you.

Increasing the market value of your home and making it more livable does not have to cost you much. The list above should give you an idea on the many affordable things you can do to your home for as long as you let hardwood and creativity flow. Contact a reputable home remodeling company in your area now to learn more.